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Shirt making for us has always been, at its heart, a form of personal expression, and our principle always constant; reaching out to the future while never losing sight of our origins. That is why since opening the doors to our first store in 2005, we have combined our hold on tradition with the curiosity and drive to experiment and innovate.
Tradition and experimentation have helped us break new ground in design and construction, from a tri-coloured lapel to a collar made from 16 individual pieces.

keeping it fresh

We understand the importance of the relationship with our customers. At our stores, the staff are dedicated to giving our patrons an experience which is centered on the trust that the shirt they are wearing is not only of the highest quality, and also that they will see something new to have with each visit. We have something new for you every week. The commitment to innovative design presents to us the challenge to give you not a seasonal collection, but a weekly one. Every week we add a new product to our ever growing catalogue.

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